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The Mediation Society is a non-profit organization based in Northern California that is composed of trained and experienced mediators who meet regularly to share information, develop mediation skills and techniques, and enjoy an atmosphere of fellowship among peers. To this end, the Society sponsors dinners, round tables and workshops in San Francisco featuring leading local, national and international speakers and subjects in the field of mediation. Membership in the Society and participation in its activities are intended to further the advancement of the practice of mediation, both locally and nationally, and to foster an appreciation for mediation as a valuable form of alternative dispute resolution.

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Patricia Prince

Overcoming Impasse: Mediator Magic 101 by Patricia Prince

Prince Law & Mediation

Clients often tell me, "I didn't think the other side would ever agree to that number."  One of my oft-repeated retorts is, "Oh ye of little faith!" I say this with humor (since the same thought undoubtedly went through my mind), yet it strikes me how much overcoming perceived impasse requires both sides to simply trust the mediator and have faith that if they continue, they will reach settlement--even when they do not trust the opposing party and perceive a vast gulf between the parties' positions. Is there mediator magic afoot?

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* Patricia Prince has provided private dispute resolution services through her firm, Prince Law & Mediation, for 15 years, specializing in the mediated resolution of business and employment disputes. She is active in the legal and ADR communities, and is a Past President of The Mediation Society.