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The Mediation Society is a non-profit organization based in Northern California that is composed of trained and experienced mediators who meet regularly to share information, develop mediation skills and techniques, and enjoy an atmosphere of fellowship among peers. To this end, the Society sponsors dinners, round tables and workshops in San Francisco featuring leading local, national and international speakers and subjects in the field of mediation. Membership in the Society and participation in its activities are intended to further the advancement of the practice of mediation, both locally and nationally, and to foster an appreciation for mediation as a valuable form of alternative dispute resolution.

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Martin Quinn

Mediation Briefs: Dos and Don'ts by Martin Quinn

Do remember that the mediation session will very likely be the last day of your case.

Do treat the event with the importance it deserves, and start by preparing an effective, timely brief.

Do submit and exchange your brief at least one week, and preferably two weeks, before the session. This allows time for opposing counsel to get it to her client. Particularly if an insurance company is on the other side, it will need at least 10 days to consider and react to the brief -- perhaps by increasing its reserves on the case. Moreover, mediators have a lot to read -- help them out by giving them the time they need to digest your brief and put in a call to you to discuss the case.

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* Martin Quinn has been a full-time panelist at JAMS for almost 19 years. He mediates and arbitrates business disputes in the areas of healthcare, insurance, intellectual property, legal malpractice, consumer class actions -- and anything else that moves. He frequently acts as a special master in federal MDL's, and federal and state class actions and complex cases. He has lived in San Francisco in the same house for 43 years, and with the same wife for 47 years. He also spends time at his apartment in Florence.