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The Mediation Society is a non-profit organization based in Northern California that is composed of trained and experienced mediators who meet regularly to share information, develop mediation skills and techniques, and enjoy an atmosphere of fellowship among peers. To this end, the Society sponsors dinners, round tables and workshops in San Francisco featuring leading local, national and international speakers and subjects in the field of mediation. Membership in the Society and participation in its activities are intended to further the advancement of the practice of mediation, both locally and nationally, and to foster an appreciation for mediation as a valuable form of alternative dispute resolution.

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Rachel Ehrlich

Shhhh! The Big Risk Associated With Mediation Confidentiality Nobody Talks About by Rachel Ehrlich

(Originally published by Mediate.com)

Confidentiality remains the keystone of mediation. Individuals and businesses alike widely regard mediated negotiation as a critical and necessary part of dispute resolution. Mediation confidentiality promotes candor and facilitates mutually beneficial solutions. Conversely, an absence of confidentiality can compromise the entire process. That said, in complex civil disputes there seems to be a consequence of mediation confidentiality that is at best not being discussed, or, worse not being considered: Proof problems in related disputes are the unintended consequences of mediation confidentiality.

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* Rachel Ehrlich is a national mediator specializing in complex civil disputes. She has managed the resolution of tens of thousands of matters, brought in every state in the country.  She has particular expertise with insurance coverage disputes, bad faith cases, and matters in which insurance issues are a complicating factor. Prior to becoming a mediator, she spent 20 years gaining a nuanced understanding of civil disputes and the insurance industry as a casualty and coverage attorney, insurance claims person, underwriter, and executive.   She is a graduate of University of California, Hastings College of the Law (J.D. 1996).